Spanish Word of the Day: Abrumador

Spanish Word of the Day: Abrumador
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Sometimes, things can get a bit too much and it’s helpful to know how to express your feeling in Spanish! This is where today's word of the day comes in...

Abrumador basically means heavy or oppressive – like when things become just too much.

La cantidad de trabajo resultó abrumador para todos.

The amount of work was overwhelming for everyone.


It can also mean overwhelming. Here are some examples to help you use it in a sentence:

Hay un silencio abrumador en el salón.

There is an overwhelming silence in the room.


Mayoría abrumadora.

Overwhelming majority.

Éxito abrumador.

Overwhelming/runaway success.

·Pronunciation: ah-brooh-mah-dohr

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