Spanish Word of the Day: ‘Sentar’

Spanish Word of the Day: 'Sentar'
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Today's word of the day has so many different meanings.

Why have we chosen this word?

Sentar is such a diverse Spanish verb with lots of meanings and phrases that use it.

Sentar: To sit

  • Él está sentado allí.

        He is sitting there.

People also use sentar to describe feelings and/or emotions, but also if you (dis)agree with something.

  • Me sienta mal que estás con él.

        I don’t like it that you’re with him.

It can also refer to someone (or something) being settled down. (sentar la cabeza)

  • Javier tiene la cabeza sentada desde que conoció a esa chica.

       Javier is settled down since March.

Sentar also has many compound forms, such as when something suits someone well.

  • Creo que azul marino me sienta bien.

        I think that dark blue suits me the best.

If someone looks really dashing, you can also add de maravilla.

  • ¡Tu nueva chaqueta te sienta de maravilla!

        Your new jacket looks stunning on you!

You can also use sentar to refer to something that someone does or doesn't like (think of when something sits well). (sentar bien/sentar mal)

  • A mi novia le sentó mal tu comentario.

        My girlfriend didn't like your comment.

And finally, sentar can also be used in an ironic context. (sentar/dar cátedra)

  • ¡No sientes cátedra!

        Don’t lecture me!





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