Spanish Word of the Day: ‘Regatear’

Spanish Word of the Day: 'Regatear'
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If you love a good bargain, you'll definitely want to know the word regatear.

This word means to bargain, haggle   

  • Me puse a regatear inmediatamente, diciendo que era muy caro y que debía rebajar el precio.

        I started to bargain immediately, saying it was really expensive and the price should be reduced.

  • Después de regatear se las llevó a su casa por 45 dólares.

       After some haggling, he took them home for 45 dollars.


In sports, in some Spanish-speaking areas, regatear also means to dribble with the ball.

  • Hizo regates antes de marcar.

       He dribbled before scoring.


reh (rolling r) – gah-teh-ahr

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