Spanish Word of the Day: ‘Energúmeno’

Spanish Word of the Day: 'Energúmeno'
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We often stick to our comfort zone when it comes to Spanish vocabulario, so when 'loco' is such a commonly used term, it's difficult to try and branch out to something spicier!

Let's try and introduce Energúmeno into the mix! This fabulous word means lunatic, maniac or possessed.

Here we give you a few sentences to practice:


  • No aguanto trabajar con este energúmeno cada día.

        I can't put up with working with this lunatic every day.


  • Está hecho un energúmeno.

       He's furious.


  • Es necesario un exorcismo para liberar a un energúmeno. 

       An exorcism is needed to free someone from evil spirits.

This word comes from Latin and exists in archaic English: energumen, meaning possessed by an evil spirit.



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