Map reveals the ‘happiest’ place to live in Spain

Map reveals the ‘happiest’ place to live in Spain
People celebrating San Fermin in Pamplona, Navarra. Photo: AFP
Wondering where you might be happiest settling in Spain? If so, the Centre for Sociological Investigation (CIS) has the research for you.

After a survey comprising 40 questions put to 3,000 people living across mainland Spain and its islands, the answer is in.


Those lucky enough to live in Navarra or the Balearic Islands score top in the happiest Spaniards ranking.

Although the survey was far from comprehensive, it analyzed the feeling of satisfaction on a scale of one to ten of participants as well as discovering how many took anti-depressants.

Navarra and the Balearic Islands scored highest with 7.85 and 7.84 points on the ranking.

Galicia scored lowest with 7.05 points.

The region, which is located in the northwest of the peninsula and has a reputation for being windswept and rainy, has the highest percentage of its population prescribed antidepressants, sedatives or sleeping pills.

Almost 15 percent of the Galician population (14.85) take such regular medication well above the 10 percent national average in Spain.

La Rioja came in second last with 7.12 points and Asturias third last with 7.18 points on the happiness scale.