Spanish Word of the Day: ‘Agridulce’

Spanish Word of the Day: 'Agridulce'
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Today's Word of the Day has two meanings.

Not everyone likes an agridulce dish, nor do they like an agridulce experience. 

When referring to food, agridulce means sweet-and-sour; and when referring to emotions, it means bittersweet.

  • Decirle adiós fue una experiencia agridulce.

      Saying goodbye to him was a bittersweet experience.

Here is a song by Puerta Rican singer-songwriter, Raquel Sofía, where agridulce is used to describe how she is complicated and testing in love: 

“Quiéreme agridulce
Quiéreme como soy
No se borra el pasado
Quiéreme hoy”

“Love me bittersweet
Love me as I am
The past is not deleted
Love me today”

You may see this word used a lot in the context of food. Maybe you'll see a dish that's agridulce. This means sweet-and-sour:

Mi plato favorito es ternera en salsa agrudulce.

My favourite dish is sweet and sour beef.



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