IN PICS: This is how All Saints’ Day is celebrated in Madrid

IN PICS: This is how All Saints' Day is celebrated in Madrid
All photos by Lynn Spreadbury / The Local
Madrid’s biggest cemetery is the final resting place for more than five million dead, a veritable city of tombs and niches that stretches out from the east of the city towards the airport.

El Día de Todos los Santos, a public holiday across Spain that falls on November 1st every year, is for most people a day of remembrance. 

In Madrid, La Almudena cemetery comes alive, so to speak, each year on November 1st– All Saints Day – when families visit the graveside of their loved ones, lay flowers, spruce it up or even stop for a picnic.

In 2018, photographer Lynn Spreadbury joined the masses who visited La Almudena and captured on camera what this day of remembrance and celebration is all about.

The impressive gates to La Almudena cemetery where flower sellers set up stalls. 

Families gather to remember loved ones.

El Día de todos los Santos, or All Saints Day is a time for sprucing up graves. 

A woman gazes up at the tomb of her late husband. 

Flowers decorate to decorate the cross on a grave.

Bouquets are arranged on tombstones.

All Saints’ day is a busy day at the cemetery.

Candles and flowers laid in remembrance.

A family remembers their lost loved-ones at sunset. 

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