Rescuers hunt for 4-year-old boy missing in floods as death toll rises to 10

Rescue teams were focusing their efforts on the hunt for a four-year-old boy missing in the Sant Llorenç area after flash floods engulfed the car he was travelling in with his mother and sister.

Rescuers hunt for 4-year-old boy missing in floods as death toll rises to 10
The flash floods swept away cars in the Sant Lorenç area. Photo: AFP

Local media reports suggest the mother attempted to get herself and her two children to safety after the car was swept away in a muddy torrent when a river burst its banks after torrential rain on Tuesday night.

The woman, who has not yet been named, managed to push her daughter, aged 7 or 8, to safety but was then swept away to her death.

Her body was discovered trapped inside the flooded car on Wednesday afternoon, bringing the death toll to ten.


The fate of her four-year-old son is still unknown along, the only person now thought to be missing, but rescuers are scouring the 7km stretch from the town of Sant Llorenç where the river burst its banks to the point where it meets the sea.

The victims include two British nationals who died when they taxi in which they were travelling was swept away in the flood. Their bodies were discovered inside the taxi near s’Illot, just outside the town of Sant Llorenç.

A former mayor of the Mallorcan town Artá was named as one the victims. The body of Rafael Gili, 71, was discovered in his flooded home on Wednesday morning.


Spain's meteorological office warned that rainfall and storms were set to get worse in the archipelago “in the coming hours.”

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Two Americans die scaling sea cliffs in Spain

Two American men have plunged to their deaths while scaling sea cliffs on Spain's holiday island of Mallorca, police said on Wednesday.

Two Americans die scaling sea cliffs in Spain
Two men die scaling sea cliffs in Mallorca. Photo: cocoparisienne / Pixabay

The bodies of the pair – aged 25 and 35 – were found on Monday floating in the water near the Cueva de es Cossi in the east of the Mediterranean island, a spokeswoman for the Guardia Civil police said.

They had been practising deep-water soloing, a form of rock climbing without ropes that relies solely on the presence of water at the base of a climb to protect against injury from falls.

“It appears that there was a rockslide and they fell,” the spokeswoman said.

Emergency services rushed to the scene after being alerted by swimmers in the area who spotted the badly bruised bodies of the two men floating in the water, she added.

Spain’s maritime rescue service recovered their remains, which were taken to the nearby port of Portocolom.

The area has long been popular for deep water soloing, also known as psicobloc.

While the sport is usually practised on sea cliffs at high tide, it can also be done on climbs above reservoirs and rivers.