Video: Spanish swimmer arrested after refusing to leave red flag waters

Lifeguards at a beach in Valencia had to call two of Spain’s police forces after a rebellious swimmer ignored the red flag warning and their calls to get out of the rough sea.

Video: Spanish swimmer arrested after refusing to leave red flag waters
Photo: Youtube

Beachgoers at Daimús beach in Valencia gathered around the shore on Monday as a man spent up to two hours swimming in dangerous waters, completely ignoring the clearly signposted red flags and the lifeguards’ cries. 

Lifeguards were left with no other choice but to call local police, whose orders fell on deaf ears as the man continued to nonchalantly turn a blind eye to the scene he was causing.

Officers and lifeguards then contacted Spain’s Civil Guard police, who usually handle more serious crimes and felonies than civil disobedience at the beach.


Nonetheless, one officer marched in to the sea fully dressed in his uniform and then proceeded to pull the man out of the sea.

Once on dry land, the Guardia Civil officer restrained the man and handcuffed him, as scores of beachgoers filming with their mobiles clapped and cheered the police intervention.



“He was in a really bad mood, he started insulting officers and bystanders,” a waiter at the local chiringuito bar told Spanish TV channel La Sexta.

“He said he fancied going for a swim and couldn’t care less that there was a red flag,” a Civil Guard officer told the channel.

The man spent the night in prison and is awaiting trial for serious civil disobedience, which in Valencia can result in a fine of up to €3,000.