Ten touristy types you’ll meet in Spain: Which one are you?

Almost 70 million tourists visited Spain last year, all with different characteristics and enjoying what Spain has to offer. But can you recognize yourself in any of these?

Ten touristy types you'll meet in Spain: Which one are you?
Revellers enjoy a night out in Magaluf. Photo: AFP

The foodie 

Photo: AFP

This type of tourist just can’t get enough of the Spanish gastronomy. Whether it is hunting out the perfect tortilla, filling up on pintxos in San Sebastian, or seeking out a table at one of Spain’s most avant-garde, Michelin-starred restaurants, this type is sure be going home with a suitcase full of Spain’s famous jamón ibérico.

The party animal

Whether it is a weekend hitting the bars of Barcelona for a stag or hen do, revelling the night away at one of Spain’s thousand fiestas or dancing till dawn in a club on one of the islands, this type of tourist will see little daylight and be in desperate need of recovery time when they get home.

The amateur photographer

Selfie stick at the Parque Güell, Barcelona Photo: Leiris202 / Flickr

Whether armed with a tripod or sporting a selfie stick, this tourist can be found snapping away at every opportunity with the sole purpose of filling their social media accounts with photos to make their friends jealous.

The study abroad student

Photo: PanetuliPani / Flickr

With Spain the most popular destination for Erasmus students, these young energetic types are keen to get away from the books and explore everything that Spain has to offer on the tightest of shoestrings. Often travelling in large groups, these tourists will turn everything into a positive, and make sure you hear all about their adventures if you happen to be within earshot!

The culture vulture

Visitors at Madrid's Prado Museum. Photo: Jon Jackson / Flickr

These are the holidaymakers who just never seem to stop. They seek to tick off each tourist site, from Granada’s Alhambra, to Madrid’s Prado to Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia and everything in between.

The wannabe Don Juans

Photo: TechNopal/Flickr

Are you one of those tourists that are always looking for love? Do you consider Don Juan a rival? Then please, take a look at these chat up lines in Spanish to help give you a head start on seduction.

The Hemingway groupies

A statue of Hemingway in Pamplona's Cafe Iruña Photo: Bazley Ranch /Flickr

Sporting a copy of ‘Fiesta: The Sun also Rises’, this type will be found seeking out the writer’s favourite drinking haunts, whether it be Madrid’s Cervecería Alemana or Pamplona’s Café Iruña. Hardcore fans can be found pontificating at the bullring or dicing with death at the annual San Fermin fiesta.

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The pilgrims

Photo: Calafelvalo / Flickr

Armed with a staff and with a scallop shell hanging off a battered rucksack, these types are encountered across northern Spain on the Camino de Santiago meandering along the medieval path towards the shrine of St James.

The Sun, Sea and Sangria seeker

Tourists on Tenerife. Photo: AFP

Looking for sun, sea and sangria, but still want a pint and a full English Breakfast? These are the package tourists packing out beaches on Benidorm, Lloret de Mar and Magaluf, often sunburnt, shirtless and with a pint in hand.

The ones who will definitely get pick-pocketed

Distracted tourists offer easy pickings to petty thieves. Photo: AFP

Unfortunately these tourists are easy to spot and fall victim to pick-pockets preying on touristy areas such as Madrid's Plaza Mayor or Barcelona's Las Ramblas.

Don't be one of those people who have a rucksack so big that they would need a rear mirror to see over it, or who have their wallet half way out of their jacket. If you must stand clueless in a crowded place struggling to read a map, then beware of the consequences.

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By Olivia Mathieson