Spain’s expat tribes: Where do you fit in?

Spain's expat tribes: Where do you fit in?
Spain's expats are a varied crowd. From jet-setters in Marbella to hipsters in Barcelona, it really does take all sorts. But what kind of Spain expat are you? Read on to find out.

Welcome to the jungle that is Spain’s expat community.

While many think the country’s expats are only here for the sun and cheap beer, the reality is a whole lot more interesting.

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From adrenaline junkies in the Canary Islands to bohemians in the hills of Andalusia, there is a group for everyone.    

But what kind of Spain expat are you exactly?

The Eat Pray Love expat:
Photo: Lereile Lereile / Flickr
Most likely to be seen in Menorca. You've done the corporate thing but it always seemed like there was something missing. Now you've come to Spain to find yourself and hopefully a nice Spanish lover too. Your dream for the future? To find spiritual peace. And maybe open a smoothie bar as well.
Hipster expat:
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The hipster: Most likely to be seen in Barcelona. You've come to Barcelona because it’s just so happening right now. There are cool galleries on every corner and the politics is so interesting. Your dream for the future? You want to open your own web design studio in Gràcia or — at a pinch — Raval.
The jet-setter:
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Most likely to be seen in Marbella. It's October, so this must be Marbella. You come to your Spain house a couple of times a year, mostly when it’s too cold to hang out in London or New York, or when Barbados just seems too far away. Last year you played golf on the same course as Antonio Banderas, and you met Eva Longoria too. Your dream for the future? To be invited onto the board for the annual Starlite Gala. 
The expat-in-denial:
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Most likely to be seen in Galicia (or anywhere else off the tourist track). You've come to Spain to lose yourself and are so integrated into the country you’re forgetting your own language. You have no expat friends, only watch local TV and sit with the old people in the village square for a chat every day. Your dream for the future? To wake up one day and actually be Spanish.
The English teacher:

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Found in every sizeable town or city across Spain, this tribe of native-English speakers are entrusted with educating both adults and children alike. You came to Spain on a gap year or career break for a few short months, and picked up a few private classes and somehow launched a teaching careeer without even trying. Your dream for the future: To open a language academy and hire other teachers so you never have to correct another “I am from Espain” again. 
The Spain buff:
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Most likely to be seen in Seville. The colour, the glamour, the flamenco dance classes — this Spain place is so amazing. After meeting your intercambio to polish up your past participles, you’re off on a tapas tour. And this weekend you’re off on a sherry excursion! Your dream for the future? You want to open your own flamenco school back home. What else?
The sun-worshipper:
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Most likely to be seen in Benidorm. You love Spain but Benidorm’s even better because you don’t have to learn too much Spanish. Your dream for the future? You’re planning to open a sports pub with giant plasma screens and the best fish and chips on the Costa Blanca.
The adrenaline junkie:
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Most likely to be seen in the Canary Islands. You're here for the windsurfing, the climbing and the paragliding. There's nothing like waking up by the beach and getting out there among the waves. In fact, as far as you're concerned there's nowhere else in Europe worth living and you can't imagine ever going home. Your dream for the future? You're already living it man!
The bohemian:
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Most likely to be seen in the hills around Malaga. You're in Andalusia because it's just more authentic than Italy. The light is incredible down here and you can buy a cottage for next to nothing. It's just a shame there isn't a bookshop in the village. But that's what Amazon's for right? Your dream for the future? To run writing workshops in a restored farmhouse in the countryside.
The holiday rep:
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Most likely to be seen in Magaluf (aka Shagaluf) on Majorca. You love tourism, helping people have fun and having a year-round tan. Best of all, though, when your shift is over you can hang out with your mates. Your dream for the future? The future – what's that?
The back-to-nature expat:

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Most likely to be seen in Andalusia's Alpujarras region. You love the mountains and can't get enough of all this country air, and even the fact your rustic cottage is freezing for four months a year can't dampen your spirits. The lady next door makes the best goat's cheese on the planet and next spring you'll finish building your own barn. Your future dream? To have a little eco lodge, nothing fancy, and all made with natural materials.
The corporate expat:

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Most Likely to be seen in Madrid. You've got a two-year contract in Madrid, and although you were hoping for Paris, you are pleasantly surprised by how vibrant the city is. You're trying to learn the language, but everyone speaks English in the office. Your dream for the future? To be the respected CEO of a dynamic firm with global reach, and then retire at 50.