Ibiza’s Pacha nightclub under investigation over dancers dressed as cops

Ibiza’s Pacha nightclub under investigation over dancers dressed as cops
Dancers dressed as Policia Local during the opening event on May 4th. Photo: Pacha / Facebook
It was THE party of the season.

When VIP guests were given a special escort to cross the road from the Pacha Hotel to the opening night at the island’s most famous nightclub, they probably didn’t give the officers a second glance.

It was only when the two men, dressed in the uniform of Local Police complete with epaulettes, truncheons and handcuffs, followed the crowd into the venue and climbed on the central podium that they grabbed attention.

When the ‘officers’ demanded “cut the music” it warranted whistles from the crowd, but the anger was short-lived as moments later the two cops started gyrating to the beat and it became clear that these were not ordinary policemen.

In fact, they were trained dancers and were there to kickstart the evening’s entertainment at the season's launch on May 4th.

But the harmless stunt has led to the club being investigated for the crime of “impersonating a police officer”, which, according to article 402 of the penal code, carries a custodial sentence of up to three years.

The Local Police have prepared a complaint and it is currently being investigated by the Prosecutor’s office, according to the Periódico de Ibiza.

The political party Movimiento Ciudadano EPIC Ibiza known as MC EPIC has demanded an official apology from the club which it accused of “making a shameful mockery of the police force”.

The Local spoke to a spokesman at Pacha who insisted the club had “no comment” to make at this time but confirmed the complaint was being dealt with by the legal team.

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