Police swoop in on Barcelona shop selling Harry Potter fakes

Police swoop in on Barcelona shop selling Harry Potter fakes
Everything in the shop was fake merchandise.
Spain’s Guardia Civil dismantled a massive operation that produced and sold fake Disney and Warner Bros brands, including dozens of items relating to the Harry Potter franchise.

A Barcelona shop which supplied the kind of products Harry Potter readers might expect to find in Diagon Alley was raided by police last week for exclusively selling knock-off copies from China.

Gryffindor house scarves were on sale beside Ravenclaw banners and a glass case offered up a selection of wands that could have come straight from Ollivander’s wand shop itself.

But an investigation by a fiscal and borders team from the Guardia Civil discovered all the products offered in the shop were counterfeit, although they were being sold as official merchandise with a price tag to match.4

“This raid was part of a wider operation against fake goods which are arriving by sea and other routes mostly from China and being sold in Spain,” said a spokesman from the Guardia Civil.

The raid on February 27resulted in the seizure of 9,592 counterfeit products with an estimated sale price of more than €300,000.

The owner of the shop, a 38-year-old woman with Spanish citizenship, has been arrested.