Katy Perry under fire for using Spanish flag in Barcelona gig promo

Katy Perry under fire for using Spanish flag in Barcelona gig promo
The singer Katy Perry has unwittingly waded into Catalonia’s independence row with the announcement of her one and only concert in Spain this summer.

Using a post on Instagram to create some hype ahead of sales of the gig she wrote: “Trust and believe I'm coming for you too Barcelona. See you June 28.”

But the announcement was accompanied by her image with a backdrop of the colours of Spain's national flag and the shield that appears on it.

Although technically correct – Barcelona, is after all, still a part of Spain – it immediately provoked a backlash among those in the region who desire independence.

“Katy: big mistake put the shield of Spain to announce your concert in Barcelona(Catalunya),” explained one commenter.

“WTF? putting the Spanish shield in Catalonia is insulting Catalan people. Barcelona will not like them anymore. You should learn about the political and social situation where you visit,” wrote another.

“What an idiotic woman. You're coming to Catalonia not Span you son of a b****,” read one insult on the post.

Some thought it would ruin her chances of a sell-out: “With what you've just done I don't think a lot of people are going to come to your concert.”

But of course, there were others who were quick to come to Perry’s defence.

“Shut your mouth. Catalonia is Spain,” wrote one pro-union commenter.

Another wrote: “I am sorry y'all but officially Barcelona is still Spain… Do I think that Catalunia independence deserved at least a chance? YES”.

Tickets for Perry's show at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona on June 28th go on sale March 7th..