IN PICS: A week of winter in Spain

IN PICS: A week of winter in Spain
Barcelona beach with a dusting of snow last Thursday. Photo: AFP
Take a look at the most breathtaking pictures of winter in Spain from this past week.

A week of icy temperatures saw much of Spain blanketed in snow. It brought chaos to the roads, forced the cancellation of flights and became the most talked about topic of conversation.

It also saw hundreds of beautiful images of a winter wonderland shared on social media. Here is our selection of some of the best.

1. This shot of Roque de los Muchachos in Spain's Canary Island, La Palma 

2. This stunning picture of the medieval Covadonga village in the heart of Asturias


Somewhere only we know ?⛪?

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3. An aerial view of a snowy Valle de Benasque in the north of Spain

4. A breathtaking shot of El Pris in the Tenerife Island


5. The Alcazar de Segovia that inspired Walt Disney’s famous princess castles


6. This picture of the Alhambra fortress surrounded by the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada 


7. Unusual sight of snow on Barcelona's beaches



8. And finally, Madrileños who know that the best way to spend a snow day is in a museum



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