Seven great reasons to stay in a hostel on your next trip in Spain

If you’ve made the brilliant decision to drop everything and travel to Spain to walk through the palaces of Granada and Seville, taste the best vino and tapas in the world, or experience the nightlife in the real city that never sleeps (it’s Madrid if you were wondering), here are seven reasons why you should stay at a local hostel.

Seven great reasons to stay in a hostel on your next trip in Spain

1.     Meet people from all over the world


Stay at a hostel anywhere in Spain and on top of exploring a new city you will have the chance to meet people from every corner of the earth. Practice your French with recent graduate students from Paris, exchange travel stories with the backpacker from Australia, or go explore the neighborhood with the seasonal volunteer from Brazil. 

2.     Sightseeing with locals

Photo: Daniela Michanie

Sometimes the best memories are made in the places that would never appear on your official guidebook. Many hostels have free tours every day, led by young locals who know the area well and can recommend the best bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and sights to see. If you’re travelling alone, these tours are also a great way to meet other solo travelers and make plans to explore together!

3.     Cost


You don’t have to be rich to travel the world, especially with the low price of hostels in Spain. Travelers on a budget can book hostel rooms for anywhere between €10 and €30 night, depending on the location, the type of room, and the time of year.

4. Communal meals


Speaking of traveling on a budget, many hostels have communal kitchens where you can cook your own food or take part in communal meals prepared by hostel staff, local chefs, or other travelers.  Practice your Spanish during a sobremesa (long lunch) and take homemade Spanish recipes back home!

5. Perfect for people travelling alone


Solo travelers flock to hostels because they know it’s the best way to meet other people traveling alone or in small groups. If you’re unsure of whether your next destination is Seville, Barcelona, San Sebastian, or Madrid, get recommendations from other travelers who have already crossed those places off their lists, or even make a plan to head to the next destination together.

6. Organized activities

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In addition to free tours, hostels often organize activities for guests like cooking classes, drinking games, karaoke, and happy hours. Before booking, check the hostel’s website to see what activities they offer during your stay.

7. Safe and Clean


Just like with hotels, the safety and cleanliness of a hostel depends on the one you choose. There are hundreds of hostels across Spain that are rated highly for their cleanliness and safe location. Most hostels will also offer lockers and safes to store your belongings while you’re out exploring.