Police arrest dog poo bank robbers in southern Spain

A gang of robbers reached a new low in the history of bank heists by using dog poo to distract staff while they made off with valuables.

Police arrest dog poo bank robbers in southern Spain
Photo: Policia Nacional

Police announced that they had arrested the group of five men after a robbery at a bank in Spain’s southern city of Cartagena was caught on CCTV and revealed the unusual modus operandi behind the crime.

In a carefully orchestrated performance gang members posed as strangers to each other, entering the bank in a series of disguises.

The charade began when one member of the group discreetly dropped a pile of dog excrement on the floor of the bank near the entrance and then spoke loudly to get the attention of both customers and bank staff while the rest of the group got to work.

Police described the details of the crime:  “They each took a different role; one was in a suit, another dressed as a youth in a hoodie and baseball cap, one was an old person, one a woman and another had his hair up in a ponytail.”

When one robber started complaining loudly about the mess on the floor, exclaiming “What a disgrace, don’t they do any cleaning?”, the bank manager came out of his office to deal with the fuss.

This left another alone in the office to steal what he wanted.

The group then left the bank calmly and went their separate ways.

Police said the gang are suspected of stealing €64,000 in a series of at least 15 other robberies carried out at different banks across Spain.


Spanish police seize 4.5 tonnes of cocaine off Canaries

Spanish police announced on Saturday the seizure of 4.5 tonnes of cocaine aboard a Togolese-flagged cargo ship from Latin America which was intercepted off the Canary Islands.

Spanish police seize 4.5 tonnes of cocaine off Canaries

The “Orion V”, which transported cattle from Latin America to the Middle East, had been under surveillance for over two years and had previously been “checked and searched, but no drugs could be found inside, despite the presence of sufficient clues”, police said.

A joint naval and air operation finally made the breakthrough locating the cocaine on Tuesday, hidden in a container used to feed the cattle.

The operation mobilised among others the American Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the Maritime Analysis and Operations Centre for narcotics (MAOC-N), the Togolese authorities and the Spanish police.

The 28 crew members from nine countries were arrested.

The “Orion V” was similar to another Togolese-flagged vessel, the “Blume”, which was intercepted in mid-January in the same area south-east of the Canary Islands, on which the same amount of cocaine was found.

A total of nine tonnes of drugs have been seized in January, police said in a statement.

Spain’s proximity to North Africa, a key source of hashish, and its close ties with former colonies in Latin America, the world’s main cocaine-producing region, have made it a gateway into Europe for drugs.