Barcelona victims: People from 34 countries are listed among dead and injured

Barcelona victims: People from 34 countries are listed among dead and injured
Police on Las Ramblas after the attack. Photo: AFP
Several foreigners have been identified among the 34 killed in a terror attack on Barcelona’s Las Ramblas.

The youngest victim of the attack is so far, is thought to be a three-year-old child who died from injuries sustained when the van ploughed through crowds on Las Ramblas shortly before 5pm on Thursday.

Meanwhile foreign embassies are still scrambling to locate and identify citizens who may have been caught up in the attacks.

Belgium's foreign affairs minister Didier Reynders confirmed on Twitter that one of its citizens was killed in the attack.


There are reports that three Germans are among the dead after the attack on the Las Ramblas.

While French consulate officials have confirmed that 26 French citizens were injured on Las Ramblas, 11 of them described as being in a serious condition.

The Hague said three Dutch were injured, and a Greek diplomat reported three nationals had been wounded – a woman and her two children.

China also confirmed a citizen of Hong Kong had minor injuries, while the US state department said it knew of one American with minor injuries.

In Australia, foreign minister Julie Bishop said four Australians were hurt, with two woman in a serious but stable condition in hospital, while two Australian men who were “directly affected” had retreated to their hotel room and would seek medical attention in the morning.

One Australian is still missing the minister said.

The bodies of victims have been taken to Barcelona’s Ciudad de la Justicia where forensic teams will carry out autopsies and begin the work to identify them, from dental records, DNA and finger prints.

Spanish authorities are yet to publish the names of the dead and injured but have asked relatives of suspected victims to be on hand to provide DNA tests.

On Friday afternoon the Catalan emergency services published a preliminary list of nationalities of those killed or injured in the attack however:

German, Algerian, Argentinean, Australian, Austrian, Belgian, Moroccan, Canadian, Chinese, Colombian, Romanian, Venezuelan, Cuban, Ecuadorian, Egyptian, Spanish, American, Filipino, French, British, Greek, Dutch, Taiwanese, Honduran, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Kuwaiti, Macedonian, Mauritian, Pakistani, Peruvian, Dominican, Turk.