IN PICTURES: Aftermath of terror attack on Barcelona’s Las Ramblas

Multiple fatalities and injuries were reported on Thursday after a van ploughed into one of Barcelona's busiest shopping streets.

IN PICTURES: Aftermath of terror attack on Barcelona's Las Ramblas
A police officer moves people back from a cordoned off area. All photos: AFP

Pictures from the scene show armed police arrive in a cordoned-off area, while tourists and locals were evacuated from the busy Plaza de Catalunya.

Police officers and medics.

A person is seen being stretchered out of an evacuated shopping centre.

A police officer blocks the street to move people away from the area.

An armed officer arrives on the scene.

Armed police officers stand in a sealed-off area following the incident.

Abandoned balloons left by a street vendor in the Plaza de Catalunya.

Police officers move people back from the cordoned-off area.

Police officers assist an elderly woman as residents and tourists are evacuated.

All photos, unless otherwise stated: Pau Barrena and Josep Lago/AFP