GALLERY: Spain’s most charming undiscovered towns

We all know Seville is stunning, Barcelona's beautiful and Oviedo's awesome but Spain has dozens of small towns that are just waiting to be discovered.

GALLERY: Spain's most charming undiscovered towns
Albarracín is just one of Spain's undiscovered gems. Photo: the secret valley/Wikimedia

Spain is, arguably, the best holiday destination in the world and enjoys record breaking numbers of tourists every year, who lap up its tapas and enjoy visiting its beaches and big cities. 

But away from the costas and its more famous cities, Spain is home to dozens of beautiful towns and villages, steeped in history, yet undiscovered by the majority of tourists. 

From medieval walled villages to beautiful whitewashed ports, The Local explores some of the most charming towns in Spain you've (probably) never heard of. 

Gallery: Spain's most charming undiscovered towns