Trial to begin for man accused of selling Isis T-shirts – again

Spain's National Court is hearing the case of a man accused of trying to sell Isis T-shirts online, days before the start of another trial over the same charges.

Trial to begin for man accused of selling Isis T-shirts - again
File photo: Kuzmafoto/Depositphotos.

The trial begins on Wednesday for Octavio Cadelo, who is charged with glorifying terrorism by trying to sell Isis T-shirts online, news agency Efe reports.

Last October, Cadelo was acquitted by the National Court, with the judges ruling that although the images on the garments were “provocative”, they did not praise or justify “terrorist acts or perpetrators”.

Prosecutors say that just eight days before the first trial began, Cadelo posted a video on YouTube called “shirts of the Islamic State”, in which he informed viewers that he had a new website for selling his products.

He offered “diverse shirts for kids as well as adults, printed with emblems and anagrams of different terrorist organizations” such as Isis or Hamas.

Prosecutors also say that Caledo presented himself on his Facebook account as “jihadist of Narón” in Galicia, and posted messages and images “with content that was clearly laudatory of and propaganda for” various jihadist organizations.

They also say that he published content on social media that was degrading towards politicians, including one killed by Basque militant group Eta, and that insulted the National Court as well.

Of the politician killed by Eta in 1997, Miguel Ángel Blanco, Caledo wrote “what is the difference whether he was killed by Eta or in a car crash?”

“The symbol of Miguel Ángel Blanco is a trademark of democratic regression in its most clear manifestation,” he continued.

“If you want, you can rant and rave about [General Francisco] Franco, but not about Miguel Ángel Blanco, that is key.”

Prosecutors are now calling for Cadelo to be sentenced to two years and eight months in prison.