Elderly couple devoured by own pet dogs in Mallorca

An elderly couple were discovered to have been eaten by their own dogs after dying at their home in Mallorca at least two months ago.

Elderly couple devoured by own pet dogs in Mallorca
Photo: franky242/Depositphotos

Police believe the man died first and his wife, who suffered from Alzheimer’s and was unable to look after herself, perished days later, according to Diario de Mallorca.

Both bodies showed signs of having been eaten by pet dogs the couple kept at their remote country house outside the town of Llucmajor on the Balearic Island.

The couple, who were both 75-years-old, had five dogs on the property. Three of them are believed to have survived for two months eating their masters’ remains. But two others had died of starvation as they were tied up outside the property.

The grizzly scene was discovered on Tuesday by one of the children of the couple, who had stopped by the house after becoming worried that they were unable to reach them on the phone.

The remains were in an advanced state of decomposition but initial investigations by the Guardia Civil suggest both husband and wife died of natural causes.

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