Brits in Europe blast UK government for snubbing them over Brexit

Groups representing British nationals living throughout Europe have blasted the government for ignoring them over Brexit and refute claims that officials have been in touch about their rights.

Brits in Europe blast UK government for snubbing them over Brexit
An EU flag during a "Flag Mob" demonstration in Parliament Square in central London. Photo: AFP
Members of the lobbying group Expat Citizen Rights in EU (Ecreu) say they've been totally ignored by the British government, which claims to have “engaged with expatriate groups” about their post-Brexit rights. 
In a policy paper from last month about exiting the EU, the government said that securing the status of UK nationals in the EU was “an early priority”. 
“To this end, we have engaged a range of stakeholders, including expatriate groups, to ensure we understand the priorities of UK nationals living in EU countries.”
Not so, says Dave Spokes, a founder of Ecreu, which represents Brits living in 25 EU countries including France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Italy, and Austria,
He told British newspaper The Guardian that neither his group nor any of the 12 similar groups in his coalition “have ever been consulted”.
“It does appear that in signing the white paper and presenting it to MPs, the prime minister and Mr Davies have misled parliament,” he said, referring to Brexit secretary David Davis.
The coalition, thought to be the biggest of its kind in Europe with over 32,000 members.
The website says that 66 percent of the group's members are retired. 
Their chief concerns are healthcare, pensions, travel, exchange rates, and home ownership.
A spokesperson from the Department for Exiting the European Union (DExEU) says that British government “has been clear” about wanting to secure the status of Brits in Europe. 
“We are working with our embassies across the EU to listen to any concerns and ensure that UK expats are kept up to date on the government’s position,” the spokesperson said in a statement. 

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Reciprocal healthcare agreements between Spain and Gibraltar end

The Spanish government has confirmed that it will not extend its reciprocal healthcare agreements with Gibraltar, meaning that from July 1st 2022, it will come to an end.

Reciprocal healthcare agreements between Spain and Gibraltar end

When the UK left the EU on December 31st 2020, both sides agreed that the UK’s EHIC European healthcare cards could still be used until their expiry dates.

This card provided British travellers with free state-provided medical care in the EU in case of emergencies.

Beyond their five year period of validity, EHIC cards are no longer valid and travellers have to apply for the new Global Heath Insurance Card (GHIC) instead. 

Spain made a separate agreement with Gibraltar under its Royal Brexit Decree in which unilateral arrangements would be maintained in the territory and extended until June 30th 2022.

During the meeting of the Spanish Council of Ministers on Tuesday, the Spanish Government decided not to extend the agreement further, meaning that residents of Gibraltar will no longer be able to benefit from it.

In a statement the government of Gibraltar said: “It would have been HMGoG’s preference for these arrangements, which deeply affect citizens on either side of the border on matters as essential as healthcare, to have been maintained. Indeed, HMGoG was prepared to continue with them”.

“However, because reciprocity is a key element to these arrangements which cannot work without coordination and provisions for reimbursement of costs etc., HMGoG is left with no option but to discontinue them also in so far as treatment in Gibraltar is concerned,” it continued. 

What does this mean?

Gibraltar residents insured under Gibraltar’s Group Practice Medical Scheme will, after 30th June 2022, no longer be able to access free emergency healthcare in Spain during a temporary stay in the country. 

Those who are residents in Spain who travel over to Gibraltar will not have access to free healthcare on The Rock either. 

As a consequence, if a resident of Gibraltar falls ill or has an accident while over the border in Spain or the same for a Spanish resident in Gibraltar, they will have to pay for healthcare.

The government of Gibraltar is encouraging its citizens from July 1st 2022 to have appropriate travel insurance with medical cover each time they visit Spain.

This means that even those who are hopping over the border for few hours such as for a shopping trip or going out for dinner will have to make sure that they have adequate health insurance. 

“Where medical attention is required the costs incurred may be considerable, so you should ensure you have adequate insurance cover or alternatively the means to pay,” the Gibraltar government said in their statement.