Spanish beachgoers asked to help protect holidaymakers from sunburn

Spaniards have been called on to protect Danish holidaymakers from too much sun by asking them to cover up, wear a hat or offer to rub in some sunscreen.

Spanish beachgoers asked to help protect holidaymakers from sunburn

“Esteemed citizens of Spain. Denmark needs your help,” starts the missive in passable Spanish by Mikael Bertelsen, a Danish TV presenter chosen to front the campaign, seated behind a desk in what could be government office or embassy.

Illustrating the problems using a paella with a Spanish flag alongside a burnt version with a Danish flag, the video explains the problem.

“The strong sun damages our delicate skin and every day a Dane dies of skin cancer.”

“You have enough of your own but we respectfully request your support – Help a Dane in the sun.”

“Tens of thousand of Danes travel from the cold dark north to your beautiful beaches and when they see a ray of sun they abandon all precaution and roast in the sun hour after hour.”

He then urges Spanish people to “remind us, whether on the beach, visiting tourist sites or at the market, that we should put up a parasaol, where a hat, or put on sunscreen.”

“Volunteer to help a Dane. In the name of the Danish people, Our sincerest gratitude.”

The campaign has been launched by the Danish Cancer Society and as well as Spanish has been produced in Greek, French, Italian and Thai for release in five of the top holiday destinations for Danes.

The campaign, “Help a Dane” was created by Copenhagen agency NoA & Co., for the Danish Cancer Society which warns that Danes have one of the world’s highest rates of melanoma in the world.

Denmark has 19.2 cases per 100,000 people annually – slightly higher than its Scandinavian neighbours – and compared to 14.6 in the UK, 11.4 in Germany and Italy, 10.2 in France and 6.9 in Spain.

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