Donald Trump’s slogan makes Magaluf great again

For Spain-bound Brits, “Maga" has long been synonymous with the promise of boozy all-night beach parties far from Blighty’s drizzly shores. But the US President’s appropriation of the hashtag has led to some pretty amusing culture clashes on Twitter.

Donald Trump’s slogan makes Magaluf great again
A couple kisses in front of a club of Punta Ballena street in Magaluf. Photo: AFP

They’ve packed their sun cream, bought the skimpy swimwear, shaved their extremities, and now they’re ready to tell fellow Britons on Twitter just how mangled they’re going to get in Magaluf. 

But…but…what are all these American’s talking about?

Here’s what happens when Make America Great Again does battle with Magaluf, a resort that has led to more ‘alternative facts’ being relayed to spouses back home than any other place in the world. Fact.

A suggestion even emerged that Trump's misogynistic “pussy-grabbing” comments meant he would feel right at home in “Shagaluf”.

And this prescient tweeter seemed somehow even to know that Trump would reference carnage in his much-maligned inauguration speech several months later.

One American tweeter did get in on the holiday act, albeit inadvertently. 

OK, then. We're off to Majorca. It's gonna be amazing, believe us. 

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