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Moving to Spain: a guide for beginners

Moving to Spain: a guide for beginners
Considering a move to Spain but don't know where to start? Here The Local outlines the ten steps that will make the big move that much less painful.

Thousands of foreigners make the move to Spain every year, attracted by the country's natural beauty, the weather and the promise of a less stressful life.

But moving to another country is never easy, and Spain is no different.

Finding a place to live, getting your paperwork in order, and making sure you have access to health care can all be serious challenges.

However, with a good dose of planning and research — and plenty of patience — the whole process can be made just a little smoother.

From applying for the all-important Spanish foreign residence number (NIE) to getting yourself enrolled in a language class, The Local outlines ten ways you can help yourself when it comes to setting up in Spain.

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