Ready, aim…flour! Spanish town stages mock battle with eggs and flour

The eastern Spanish town of Ibi held its annual Enfarinats festival on Wednesday, a colourful and messy fiesta which sees revellers launch eggs, flour and firecrackers at each other in a mock coup d'etat.

Ready, aim...flour! Spanish town stages mock battle with eggs and flour

The centuries old festival coincides with El Día de los Inocentes on December 28th, which marks the biblical Massacre of the Innocents by King Herod.

Under the slogan of 'New Justice', a group of married men take siege of the Valencian town and impose a series of ridiculous laws on residents.

Those who don't abide by the new laws set by the Enfarinats, the 'Flour Police', are given unofficial fines.

A battle of eggs, flour and firecrackers is then waged between the Enfarinats and La Oposició, another 'army' which tries to restore order in Ibi.

At the end of the day, all the money collected from the 'fines' is donated to charitable causes in the town. 

The bizarre fiesta has been traced back to at least 1862 when the first such celebration was held in the town. But it stopped when real fighting broke out across Spain during the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39 and wasn’t resumed until 1981, six years after the death of dictator General Francisco Franco.

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Spanish pop singer killed on stage by exploding firework at local fiesta

A Spanish singer died after she was hit by an exploding pyrotechnic while performing in stage in Madrid on Sunday.

Spanish pop singer killed on stage by exploding firework at local fiesta
Joana Sainz García was killed during a performance in Las Berlanas. Photo: Prones

Joana Sainz Garcia, 30, was singing and dancing on stage with the Super Hollywood Orchestra group in the town of Las Berlanas, near Avila when she was hit in the stomach by an exploding firework at the front of the stage.

Video footage shows the stage pyrotechnic device exploding near the singer during the big finale and knocking her to the floor.

It happened during town celebrations at about 02:00 local time on Sunday morning.

El Diario Montanes reported that after being tended to by paramedics and a doctor who happened to be in the 1,000-strong crowd, an unconscious Joana was taken to hospital by ambulance where she later died.

The promoter for the group, Prones 1SL, told El Norte de Castilla that the “regrettable” incident appeared to have been caused by a manufacturing failure in the pyrotechnic. An investigation has  been launched. 

In a statement posted to Facebook, Prones 1SL said: “The whole Prones family, partners, artists, friends, collaborators are very sad and dismayed by the loss of our companion and friend Joana Sainz.”


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