Hillary v Trump: Where to watch election night in Spain

The day of reckoning is finally upon us and if you are among those who just won’t be able to sleep until you know who will be the next president then get yourself along to an election night party.

Hillary v Trump: Where to watch election night in Spain
Clinton or Trump? Photo: AFP

Rather than sit anxiously at home live streaming results to your smart phone or laptop why not head out and share the experience?

The larger cities across Spain have viewing parties organized by Democrats Abroad so if you are among those who don’t want to see a Trump victory you will be in good company.

You won’t have to prove your Democrat credentials to attend – although ticket sales are considered as donations to the Democratic Party. 

If you wondering where the official ‘Republicans Abroad’ election night parties are being held, we haven’t found any as there is no formal organization for Republicans living in Spain.

Both candidates have been honoured with a caganer. Photo: AFP


The Madrid chapter of Democrats’ Abroad is holding a party at Alegoria in downtown Madrid offering free food, drink and a raffle promising “some amazing prizes” for the price of €22 at the door. Discouts available for students. Check out the event's facebook page for more details.

The great news is that Wednesday is a holiday in Madrid for the Feast of Almudena so you have the whole day to recover.


Democrats Abroad is hosting a party from 9pm until 5am at Luz de Gas  with live music, finger food and election coverage via live feed from the U.S. 

If you are not American but still want to join the party then you have to be invited by a US citizen. Tickets for €20 on the facebook page or at the door.


The Liverpool Russafa Pub in Valencia is hosting an Election Night Watch event from the time they open at 7 pm until the wee hours.  Doors will close at 3:30 am because of local ordinances but there will be a “lock-in” so those inside can stay until the winner is declared.


The Merchant in Seville will be streaming the results live until well into the early hours of Wednesday.

Santiago de Compostela

A party will be held at the Lusco & Fusco Bakery Café in Santiago de Compostela, Spain for those in the Galician catherdal city interested in watching the historic results unfold.

Where can I watch the coverage on TV?

For those who really want to suffer alone then most Spanish news channels will be giving live coverage to the election from Tuesday night.
If you'd prefer to stream it live in English, try CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC or Fox. The Daily Show will be streaming live on Facebook during election night. 


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