‘Saints not ghouls’ insists Spanish church for Halloween

'Saints not ghouls' insists Spanish church for Halloween
Suggested outfits from the Bishopric of Cadiz and Ceuta. Photo: Shower of Roses
Spanish bishops are fighting back against the popularity of the "satanic festival" of Halloween by urging good Christian children to forgo zombie, ghost and devil outfits and instead dress up as "saints, virgins and apostles".

Dioceses across Spain have long been trying to steer the focus away from the American style gory Halloween celebrations that have now become popular in Spain and back to the All Saints Day, a Catholic festival to remember the dearly departed.

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This year, churches and catholic schools are staging “Holywins” parties encouraging children to celebrate All Saints Day by dressing up in costumes relating to the Catholic faith: your favourite saint, a monk or nun, or even one of the apostles.

The diocese of Alcalá de Henares, one of several to publicize the Holywins parties, explains in a statement: “Although Halloween has its origins in All Saints Eve, the modern day festival has nothing to do with the Christian faith.”

 “With Holywins, which stands for Holiness Wins, one can avoid the pagan festival and reclaim the meaning of the Catholic feast day of All Saints,” reads a statement from the Diocese of Cartagena.

 “Why promote the cult of death and celebrate the monstrous and the evil when as Christians we can rejoice in life and celebrate good?” said one Holywins announcement from Alcalá de Henares.

The diocese of Cadiz and Ceuta is staging Holywins parties and even includes ideas for suitable costumes on its website.