Dine in the buff at Spain’s first nudist restaurant

Spain's first naked dining experience is opening on the island of Tenerife following the success of a similar venture in London.

Dine in the buff at Spain's first nudist restaurant
A buffet of organic food will be served on "human tables". Photo: Innato / Facebook

Italian-born restaurateur Tony de Leonardis opens Innato, a nudist restaurant on the biggest of the Canary Islands, where diners will be asked to leave the accoutrements of modern life – namely their clothes and mobile phones – and”get back to basics”.

For the all-inclusive price of €70 diners will be invited to enjoy a buffet of organic dishes, all “served on the naked skin of a youth,” according to an interview with De Leonardis published in La Opinion de Tenerife.

In fact waiting staff will double up as serving tables wearing loin cloths and vine leaves to protect their modesty.

De Leonardis has even overcome the problem of where to keep your wallet to pay your meal when you are in nothing but your birthday suit.

“We will charge diners at the door before they undress,” he said.

Innato will open in the town of San Isidro on January 20th. The venue, which includes seating for 44 diners, has tables set within private gardens planted with fruit trees, and will be lit entirely by candles.

The new venture is inspired by The Bunyadi, London's first nudist restaurant which opened for three months during the summer and saw more than 46,000 people put their name down on the waiting list for a table.

In October, the restaurant’s owner, Seb Lyall, announced plans to open a permanent location in London. 

Milan opened a naturist restaurant in July, raising eyebrows amongst locals.

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Spanish women resist European trend to ditch topless sunbathing

While the trend for women to sunbathe without their bikini tops is declining through much of Europe, women in Spain are bucking the trend.

Spanish women resist European trend to ditch topless sunbathing
Photo: AFP

While younger women in France, Italy and Germany are abandoning topless sunbathing it's not the case in Spain, a new survey of thousands of women across Europe has revealed.

The survey by polling agency Ifop for the Vie Healthy website showed that while fewer Frenchwomen are likely to remove their bikini tops these days compared to previous generations, it's a very different scenario in Spain.

While only 19 percent of French women under 50 have gone topless the percentage shoots up to 48 percent for Spanish women, putting them top of the podium for Europe.

In second place were German women, 34 percent of whom say they have bathed topless.

In the UK percentage of topless sunbathers was 19 percent, more than the 15 percent in Italy. The average for Europe as a whole was 27 percent.

What's also interesting is that not only does Spain stand out for the high number of women who go topless but also that the fashion has stood the test of time, unlike elsewhere in Europe.

As the table below, published by Vie Healthy shows, fewer women are going topless than three years ago.

In France, Germany and the UK the number has dropped by seven percent and in Italy by five percent.

However in Spain the trend has only fallen by one percent.


“In Spain showing your body is a political statement against the prudishness of the Franco era,” said Ifop's François Kraus.

The Spanish constitution of 1978 allowed nudity in public places albeit banning exhibitionism.

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