Fury after kids told to bring their own loo roll to school

Parents at an under-funded school in central Spain are outraged at being told their children should bring in their own supply of loo paper.

Fury after kids told to bring their own loo roll to school
The school claims it doesn't have the funds to stretch to toilet paper. Photo: GorillaSushi / Flickr

In a meeting at the Rafael García Valiño primary school in the town of Yepes near Toledo, parents were told that each child needed to provide six rolls of toilet paper because the school does not have the “budget to cover such resources”.

One parent took to social media to complain about the request:

“We have been told that there is no budget for toilet paper, and that each child has to bring in six rolls. It’s totally surreal,” wrote Carmen Contreras in a Facebook post.

“What next? Will be asked to provide chalks? A bottle of fuel? I’m very angry,” she wrote calling on parents to join her to complain to the region’s Department of Education.

Parents are expected to buy new schoolbooks for the children each school year as well as paying for their canteen lunches, although low income families may be eligible for grants to subsidize the costs of supplies.

Austerity measures during Spain’s economic crisis has seen education funding across all of Spain’s semi-autonomous regions slashed.

The socialist opposition party in Yepes used the “toilet paper scandal” to slam the ruling PP government of Castile-La Mancha.

“It is unbelieveable that while those working for local government see their salary rise, primary schoolchildren must take in their school toilet paper,” said a statement from the PSOE.

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Spain issues warning as child hand sanitizer poisoning cases spike

The number of children treated in Spain for accidental poisonings after ingesting hand sanitising gels has soared during the pandemic, the government said Wednesday, urging parents to keep the products out of reach.

Spain issues warning as child hand sanitizer poisoning cases spike
Photos: AFP

There have been 874 reported cases of intoxications from hand sanitising gels so far this year, compared to just 90 during all of 2019, the National Toxicological and Forensic Sciences Institute, a unit of the justice ministry, said in a statement.   

Two-thirds of the cases involved children, especially those under the age of two. The vast majority swallowed the hand-sanitiser although some became intoxicated after getting the product in their eyes or inhaling it.


No fatalities have been reported and over 80 percent the poisoning victims recovered “in a short time”, the institute said.   

The most common symptoms were, vomiting, diarrhoea, coughing, blurred vision and red eyes.

In a video message posted on Twitter, Justice Minister Juan Carlos Campo called the figures “alarming” and urged parents to “keep hand-sanitising gels out of reach of children and insist that its use to disinfect hands always be supervised by an adult”.

Como ministro de Justicia, pero también como padre, me preocupan los datos de intoxicaciones por gel hidroalcohólico en niños que ha difundido hoy el @INTCFjusticia. Mantengamos estos productos fuera del alcance de los más pequeños. Protejámonos, protejámosles.

— Juan Carlos Campo (@Jccampm) October 14, 2020

As in other European countries, used of hand-sanitising gels has soared in Spain to curb the spread of Covid-19.

The country has become of the pandemic's hotspots in the European Union, with close to 910,000 registered cases and over 33,000 deaths.

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