Croquemon Go: Spain invents twist on game to ‘eat ’em all’

If moving around the city hunting virtual monsters isn’t really your thing, but grazing on tapas on a bar crawl is, then Croquemon Go is quite possibly the game for you.

Croquemon Go: Spain invents twist on game to 'eat 'em all'

Food blogger Pepe Montford has invented a parody of the popular Nintendo smartphone game Pokémon Go by encouraging foodies to seek out the best croquetas on offer in Cadiz.

“If people the world over can hunt Pikachus then why can’t they hunt down croquettes?” he asks on the blog

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The game involves walking into a Cadiz bar, asking for a plate of 'croquetas', photographing them, eating them and then posting the photo of social media.

“The photo can show a whole croquette, with a bite taken out if it, pierced by a fork, or you can even send in a ‘croqueselfie’ to share with the world your croquette joy,” explains Montford.

Dozens of people have already entered the game tagging #CroquemonGou on Twitter. 

Roberto Rodriguez snapped this cheeky croquette in Cadiz's Popeye restaurant.

The competition runs until August 12th when the best entries will be awarded a prize. Click on the photo below for details on how to take part. 


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