Stag party bungee jump prank goes viral in Spain

A group of friends made this stag think he was going bungee-jumping on his last night of freedom... but they had an entirely different plan in mind.

Stag party bungee jump prank goes viral in Spain
Screen grab: Jaime Cuesta/YouTube

A video of a man who thought he was doing a bungee jump but was in fact jumping off a kerb onto the road has gone viral in Spain.

And the future groom might just regret his choice of outfit – red and white starry underpants and a blindfold – now the video has gone viral; it has had nearly 150,000 views since it was uploaded to YouTube on Thursday.

He fell for the prank during his stag night in the city of Irun in the Basque Country, northern Spain.

The video shows the man being prepared for the big jump, including being strapped into a harness as he holds onto what he is told is the railing of a bridge over a gorge but is in fact just a barrier between the pavement and the road.

When he panics at the sound of a train behind him, he is reassured that it is passing on the other track of the railway bridge he is about to jump off. 

As he prepares to jump, the man gets nervous and starts breathing heavily.

“Bloody hell, bloody hell,” he says then takes the leap of his life… 

Watch the video below: