Game of Thrones returns to Spain for season seven

The penultimate season of the hit fantasy show will once again be shot on location in Spain, HBO has announced.

Game of Thrones returns to Spain for season seven
Zumaia in the Basque Country will feature in season seven. Photo: Iñaki Bolumburu/Flickr

The seventh series of Game of Thrones will be broadcast in summer 2017, the makers of the hit show have announced, pushing back its anticipated launch date, which is usually in April.

Spain's stunning locations for Game of Thrones season six 

The series will consist of seven episodes instead of the usual ten and much of it will, yet again, be shot at various locations throughout Spain.

Spain has been a popular location for the series, which has made the most of the country’s many ancient sites, including castles, cathedrals and some of Spain’s most beautiful and well-preserved old towns.

Locations set to feature in the seventh and penultimate series of the fantasy show include Seville, Cáceres, Almodóvar del Río and Santiponce, as well as the towns of Zumaia and Bermeo in the Basque Country. 

The amphitheatre in the Roman city of Italica in Santiponce. Photo: Diego Delso/Wikimedia

Santiponce, near Seville, contains the ruins of the former Roman city of Italica, which could provide a location in the seventh series. 

Almodóvar Castle. Photo: shaorang/Flickr 

Almodóvar del Río, near Córdoba, is home to a striking castle of Moorish origin. 

The hit show will also be filming on location in Iceland, producers announced, as the plot lines call for more chilly climes to reflect the “Winter is Here” climax at the end of season six.

Tourism in Spain has seen a huge boost thanks to Games of Thrones as fans seek out real-life locations of their favourite show. 

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MAPPED: 17 real-life Game of Thrones locations you can visit in Spain

Feeling a sense of loss after the final episode of Game of Thrones?

MAPPED: 17 real-life Game of Thrones locations you can visit in Spain
You can visit the Basque island where Games of Thrones' Dragonstone is located. Photo: HBO

Then now is the time to explore some of the real-life locations of the Seven Kingdoms, right here in Spain. 

From the wind-swept Atlantic beaches of the north to impressive castles and Roman ruins of the west and south, there's a whole host of locations where the hit series was filmed.

Here's a list of the locations across Spain that appear in Game of Thrones. 

The Basque Country

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe in Bermeo

Photo; Carlos Olmedillas / Flickr

The Little islet topped with a hermitage and linked to the mainland by an ancient arched footbridge doubles up as Dragonstone and first appears in Season 7 when Jon Snow first meets Daenerys 

Itzurun beach in Zumaia

Photo; Eleder Jimenez Hermoso / Flickr

The spectacular beach at Itzurun with its craggy cliffs and vast sandy stretch crashing with Atlantic waves appears on screen as the landing point for Daenerys Targaryen when she finally returned to the shores of Westeros, Dragonstone to be exact, with her army of the Unsullied.


Filming took place in three locations in Extremadura, Spain’s landlocked western region bordering Portugal.


Photo; César Alonso Ferreras / Flickr

The medieval walled city of Caceres, a Unesco World Heritage site , doubled as King’s Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms.


 Photo; Jesús Pérez Pacheco / Flickr

The unusual rock formations in wetlands the Natural Park of Los Barruecos outside the town of Malpartida served as the site for the Battle of the Dragon, in episode 4 of Season 7. 

Watch here: 



Photo; Extremadura Turismo 

The picturesque walled town of Trujillo became the Casterly Rock, the ancestral home of the Lannisters and apprared for the first time in Season 7, when  scenes were filmed in the courtyard of its imposing castle, a fortification boasting 17 defence towers.


Girona’s Cathedral of Saint Mary 

Photo: Davidlohr Bueso/Flickr

The cathedral in Catalonia's second city of Girona served as the exterior of the Sept of Baelor

Whereas the cobbled  streets of Girona's Old Town and Jewish quarter variously starred as locations in Braavos, Oldtown, and Kings Landing. 

Castell de Santa Florentina

Photo: Castell de Santa Florentina

This castle in the Catalan seaside town of Canet de Mar, an hour north of Barcelona on the Costa Brava, became Horn Hill, the palatial family home of Samwell Tarly.


Bardenas Reales Natural Park

Photo: Bruno Barral/Wikimedia

The semi-desert natural park in Navarra, renowned for its unusual rock formations, appeared in Game of Thrones as the Dothraki Sea, home to wandering hordes of khalasars.

Castila La Mancha

Castle of Zafra

Photo: Castila La Mancha Tourism

The Castle of Zafra appeared in Season 6 as the Tower of Joy, outside which a young Ned Stark and his Kingsguard clashed swords with Ser Arthur Dayne and other Targaryen henchmen in one of Bran Stark’s visions.

This remote fortification located in the Sierra de Caldereros, is accessed by a dirt road leading from the village of Hombrados, one-and-a-half hour drive from Madrid. 


Spain’s southern region of Andalusia provided numerous locations for Game of Thrones during season 5 and 6 boosting tourism to the region. This continued in Season 7  and 8, with revisits to old favourites and adding new locations.

Seville's Alcázar

Photo; Archigeek / Flickr 

The Alcázar of Seville first appeared on screens in season 6 as Sunspear, the capital of Dorne, and its Water Gardens.

Osuna's bullring

Photo: AFP

The bullring of Osuna, a town not far from Seville, became the fighting pits of Meereen

Seville's Reales Atarazanas

Photo; Sandra Vallaure  / Flickr

Seville’s Royal Dockyards share the limelight after serving as a new location in season 7.


Photo: AFP

The Roman bridge that crosses the Guadalquivir river in Cordoba was built in the early first century BC and became the Long Bridge of Volantis in the HBO series. 

Almodovar del Rio

Photo; Javier Lastras  / Flickr

The small city located in Córdoba province on the banks of the river Guadalquivir is crowned by a 1300-year-old Moorish castle which became Highgarden, the seat of House Tyrell, seized by Jamie Lannister during Season 7.

Italica, Santiponce

Photo; Telèmac / Flickr 

The Roman ruins of Itálica in Santiponce near Seville appeared screen as the backdrop to several epic scenes after authorities granted special permission to film at the archaeological site. It was the site of the tense Season 7 finale when Cersei was presented with a white walker.  

Photo: mathes/Depositphotos
The Alcazaba fortress in Almería doubled for scenes in the Water Gardens, the private retreat to House Martell, rulers of Dorne. 

And the coastal city was also chosen as a location for scenes in the outskirts of Meereen,  largest and northernmost of the cities in Bay of Dragons/ex Slaver’s Bay.

Filming also took place in the Tabernas desert, just north of Almeria, for scenes in the Dothraki Sea. 



Photo: tizianella/Depositphotos

Scenes from the first episode of Season Six were shot in Peniscola, the stunning medieval fortified hillside town overlooking the Mediterranean.  Fans can spot Paseo de Ronda, Plaza Santa María and the Ramp of Felipe II, as the location for scenes in the city of Meereen. 

And by the time you have finished exploring all the sites of the Games of Thrones locations in season 1 to 8 , the prequel will most likely be finished – some scenes will also be filmed on location in Spain.

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