Spanish politicans united in their reaction to Brexit

Spanish politicans united in their reaction to Brexit
Photo: AFP
Just two days before the vote on Sunday, the Brexit result served to achieve the impossible, it united Spanish politicans from across the political spectrum, at least in decrying the UK choosing to leave the European Union.

Spain's interim government will discuss the Brexit win in their cabinet meeting this morning, the last before the nation goes to the polls for the second time in six months.

Interim Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy called for calm after the Brexit result and said that the rights of Spaniards in UK and Brits in Spain will remain unchanged over next two years.




A senior PP politican declared that the Brexit win is: “a threat for those of us who are on the side of security, certainty, trust…”.



Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias who had sent a message to his British ‘comrades’ urging them to vote responsibly for a united Europe, bemoaned the result calling it “a sad day for Europe”.



Albert Rivera, the leader of centrist party Ciudadanos commented that “fear and rancour won over opportunity. Now is the time for more Europe”.




Gibraltar threatens to be a flashpoint with Spain’s foreign minister suggesting that Spain would approach the UK with a view to striking a co-sovereignty agreement over the Rock.

On Friday morning he reiterated that sentiment, promisng to provoke diplomatic tensions after David Cameron pledged that Britain would stand by Gibraltar, whatever the outcome.

Spain's foreign minister proposed sharing sovereignty over Gibraltar after Britain voted to exit the European Union, saying it would allow the overseas territory to maintain access to the EU's single market.

“Our formula… is British-Spanish co-sovereignty for a determined period of time, which after that time has elapsed, will head towards the restitution of Gibraltar to Spanish sovereignty,” Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo told Spanish radio.



His comments fuelled a surge in Spanish nationalism with “Gibraltar Español” trending on Twitter.

Meanwhile in Gibraltar, the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo called a crisis cabinet. The tiny territory was the first to declare after 96 percent of the electorate voted Remain.