Get your kit off! Spain’s ten best nudist beaches

Have you tried everything to combat the heat and nothing has worked? It might be time to strip off and head to one of Spain's best nudist beaches...

Get your kit off! Spain's ten best nudist beaches
Photo: alobos Life/Flickr

Spurred on by the summer climate, you’ve swapped your shoes for espadrilles, your shirt for a vest top and maybe you’ve invested in a new pair of Ray Bans, or a breezy sarong. 

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But with Spain hotting up, subtle wardrobe changes just won’t cut it any more. Desperate times call for desperate measures; ditch the swimsuit and bare all (but don't forget the suncream for those sensitive parts!)

if you believe full nudity is essential then it's high time you got to know the best nudist beaches in Spain (of which, bizarrely, there are more than dog-friendly ones).

From tranquil, secluded coves in northern Spain to vibrant Balearic paradises, The Local strips down to its birthday suit to bring you the ten best nudist beaches in Spain.

Photo: alobos Life/Flickr
By Rory Jones