Hilarious video pokes fun at expats in Spain over Brexit

Hilarious video pokes fun at expats in Spain over Brexit
Can Brexit put a stop to the disgusting phenomenon of expats? Screenshot: Matthew Perret
British comedian Matthew Perret has poked fun at Brexit supporters, using their own arguments on the expat community in Spain, where as many as one million Britons have a home.

“I’m British and I’m concerned about free movement of people in the EU,” starts the video clip in a manner seemingly in keeping with a party political broadcast.

“Imagine a country with entire neighbourhoods full of EU migrants who barely contribute to the local economy, use many healthcare services and on top of that don’t make the slightest effort to integrate and learn the language…” said a stern suited figure in perfect Spanish.

“With Brexit we hope to put a stop to this phenomenon”.

The video clip then launches into a proper cockney style knees-up of a song extolling the virtues of retiring to the “costa del crime”.

“Let’s hop to the Costa, the healthcare won’t cost ya,” sings Perret, who has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

“Don’t worry if we all get ill, it’s the Spanish taxpayers what pick up the bill.”

The video, with music written by Jeremy Limb, highlights the situation of many of the British expat community in Spain, who retire there and claim free healthcare and local services because they are EU citizens.

“I’m just trying to fill the information gap using comedy,” Perret, who lives in Berlin and is a lecturer in European Studies, told The Local.

Earlier this month Spain’s acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy warned that British expats could lose the right to live and work in Spain in the event of a vote for Brexit.

The latest opinion polls gave Leave a staggering seven point lead over the Remain camp, just nine days before the UK holds a referendum on EU membership on June 23rd.


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