Spanish resort bans blow-up dolls and novelty willies

The town council of Mojácar, on Spain's southern Almeria coast has introduced new bylaws that prohibit people from conducting “unseemly behaviour”, including shenanigans largely associated with stag and hen parties.

Spanish resort bans blow-up dolls and novelty willies
A hen party enjoy a night out at a Spanish beach resort. Arcive photo: AFP

“We are tired of rowdy groups parading round with inflatable dolls or novelty penis headbands,” said Rosa Maria Cano, the mayor from the conservative Popular Party. “We just don’t want this sort of obscene behaviour in our town.”

“It is not that we are against people celebrating their stag and hen parties but they need to do so in an orderly way,” the Mojácar mayor told Cadena Ser radio. “We are a hospitable town but want to welcome everyone, and that includes famiies.”

Walking naked in public or “in an outfit that is deemed offensive to dignity or religious sentiments, or is considered sexist, racist or homophobic” is also prohibited.

The bylaws also demand that tourists cover up away from the beach areas prohibiting the wearing of just bathing suits on the street.

Men can in future be stopped by police for strolling around the town shirtless. 

Such actions will in future be liable to fines of up to €1,000.

The new set of bylaws was passed in a council vote last Thursday despite being blocked by opposition parties.

Manuel Zamora, of the opposition socialist party, branded the bylaws “absurd”.

“It is a way to destroy future tourism in the town,” the councillor told Europa Press.

“Punishing someone for walking around in just their bathing suit is so ridiculous and unfair that it will ensure they won’t come back again. And word will get around fast,” he said.

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Teenager dies snorkelling after venomous fish encounter off Costa Brava beach

A 16-year-old was killed while snorkelling off Platja d’Aro in Catalonia after an encounter with a venomous weever fish.

Teenager dies snorkelling after venomous fish encounter off Costa Brava beach
Stock photo: District47/Flickr

The boy, who has not been publically named, suffered anaphylactic shock and died on Saturday afternoon while on a family trip to the beach.

His parents raised the alarm after he disappeared while snorkelling and he was found unconscious nearby by bathers and brought to shore.

Initial post-mortem results show the teenager had a tiny wound on his neck, above his windpipe, and scratches on his face.

His parents told local media that he had been filming marine life with a waterproof camera and that footage retrieved by investigators suggested he had been stung by a weever fish.

“He had been following a jellyfish about 100 metres offshore which led him to a strange and colourful fish with a harmless-looking face,” according to a statement from the parents quoted in La Vanguardia.

“He was only able to film it for 30 seconds from a distance and at the last second it disappeared and stung him around the jaw area.”

A post-mortem has been carried out in nearby Girona where forensic staff are awaiting toxicology results.

The fish has been identified locally as a spotted weever (rachinus araneusa) a species that carries venom in its dorsal spines and buries itself in sand on the seabed.

Photo by Roberto Pillon/creative commons/

They are usually hard to spot and have been known to deliver painful stings to swimmers feet who unknowingly step in them when paddling in shallow water.

But although they can provoke a severe allergic reaction and in rare cases provoke heart attacks such stings rarely prove fatal because those who step on them can usually reach the safety of the shore before drowning.