25,000 bees discovered living behind Madrid apartment wall

A hive of 25,000 bees has been discovered in the walls of a flat in Alcalá de Henares, just north of Madrid.

25,000 bees discovered living behind Madrid apartment wall
The bees could have been there for up to two years. Photo: Sally Crossthwaite/Flickr

The flat owners had no idea they were sharing their home with 25,000 bees until this week, when firemen broke through the wall and discovered the beehive. 

The bees had found their way into the wall through holes in the brickwork and had, over a period of two years, constructed an “enormous hive”, reported local newspaper, La Luna de Alcala.

The flat owners originally called the fire brigade because of a beehive in a nearby tree, but it was when experts were dismantling the beehive that they realized it was lacking a rather important inhabitant: the queen bee.

After observing where the bees were flying from, they realized that there was a huge beehive hidden in the walls of the apartment. 

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