Ibiza airport rip off sandwich goes viral

When Azilef Speers grabbed a quick lunch at Ibiza airport before boarding a flight on Sunday, she likely expected to pay over the odds.

Ibiza airport rip off sandwich goes viral
The 'premium' sandwich cost €6.05. Photo: Azilef Speers / Facebook

But on peeling apart the flimsy bread slices of her “premium ham sandwich” she was appalled to discover a mere half slice of ham and the barest sprinkling of unappetising limp lettuce.

She took a photograph of the sandwich alongside the receipt and posted it on Facebook.

“Ibiza airport ripoff 6.05euros for this utter rubbish. Made by NEWREST GROUP HOLDING What a damned cheek,” she wrote.

The photograph was shared hundreds of time on social media with people commenting that it was a bigger rip off than one usually expects at an airport food outlet.