Giant fireball streaks over Spain ‘turning night into day’

A fireball that shone ten times brighter than the moon was spotted at 4.26am on Thursday and captured on video from La Hita Observatory in Toledo.

Giant fireball streaks over Spain 'turning night into day'
Stock photo of a meteorite over Spain. Screenshot from Meteors YouTube channel.

Described as an “especially spectacular” display, the meterorite could be seen hitting the Earth’s atmosphere from Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha, Valencia, Murcia and Andalucia.

José María Mateido, an astrophysist on Spain’s SMART (Spectroscopy of Meteoroids in the Atmosphere by means of Robotic Technologies) project, a collaboration between Spanish observatories described the fireball as “amazing”.

The Huelva university professor explained that the meteorite – rock from a comet –  likely had a mass of around 30kg gave out the extraordinarily bright light when it hit Earth’s atmosphere at around 90,000km per hour.

“This amazing fireball turned the night into day for a fraction of a second.”

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