Mother and daughter jailed for revenge killing of politician

Mother and daughter jailed for revenge killing of politician
Montserrat Gonzalez (R) and her daughter Triana Martínez in court with a lawyer. Photo: AFP
A mother and daughter were sentenced to jail terms of 22 and 20 years for the murder of Isabel Carrasco, a politican in Léon, who was shot in broad daylight on a footbridge in the city.

Last month a jury found Montserrat Gonzalez, 60 and her daughter Triana Martínez guilty of conspiring to kill Carrasco, the conservative Popular Party (PP) leader of the provincial government, in an act of revenge.

On Thursday the pair were handed the prison sentence, while a policewoman Raquel Gago, was acquitted of murder but found guilty of helping the killers cover up the murder and safeguard the murder weapon.

In the January trial Gonzalez admitted shooting Carrasco  in the back on the afternoon of May 12th, 2014 as she walked on a pedestrian footbridge in the northern city of Leon

With her face covered by a scarf and sunglasses, Gonzalez shot Carrasco two more times in the head before walking away with her daughter who was nearby.

A retired police officer who happened to be on the footbridge when the killing occured trailed the pair and called police who arrested Gonzalez and her daughter, Triana Martinez.   

The man also saw how the pair left the gun used in the killing in a car belonging to a policewoman with the city of Leon, Raquel Gago, who was also arrested. 

Gonzalez told a court in Leon on the opening day of the trial of the three women that she killed Carrasco as revenge for the way her daughter had been treated by her.

Her daughter's temporary contract with the Leon provincial council ended in 2011 and another candidate was chosen to replace her.   

Gonzalez told the court that her daughter was let go from her job because she refused to have sex with Carrasco, who had led the provincial government of Leon since 2007.

Asked if she regretted killing the politician, Gonzalez told the court: “No. I would be lying if I said otherwise.”

“She would have continued to make life impossible” for my daughter, Gonzalez added.

Carrasco's murder shocked a country unused to such acts since the Basque separatists ETA announced an end to violence. Numerous PP officials were assassinated in the 1990s and early 2000s in killings blamed on ETA, which declared a definitive end to violence in October 2011.

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