Spaniards’ AMAZING supercut of The Simpsons goes viral

Two Spanish students with an unhealthy obsession for The Simpsons are responsible for creating a viral video that has wowed film buffs as well as fans of Matt Groening's animated family.

Spaniards' AMAZING supercut of The Simpsons goes viral
Screen shot from Simpsons Movie References. cqmzz / Vimeo

Celia Gómez and Jesús Sahuquillo published their video on Vimeo and within days it clocked up more than 1.4 million views.

Their inspired work allows viewers to enjoy classic film scenes side-by-side with their Simpson parodies, set to a soundtrack of Benny Goodman Orchestra’s “Sing Sing Sing (With a Swing)”.

Watch the video:

The Simpsons movie references from cgmzz on Vimeo.

The video was a collaboration between Gómez and Sahuquillo, a product of her editing skills, and his encyclopediac knowledge of The Simpsons.

“I always noticed that The Simpsons had a great number of references to the cinema, and most of them are really memorable. So when Celia told me that she wanted to make a new supercut, that idea came to my head almost immediately,” explained Sahuquillo, who admits he has been a fan of the animated series since he was a child.

“I have watched the episodes hundreds of times,” he told The Local.

Even Gómez was impressed by his knowledge: “I like the Simpsons, too, but not as much as Jesús does. He knows every quote by heart. It’s incredible.”

In fact, it didn’t take long for Sahuquillo to compile a list of his favourite references.

“I knew the references very well, so I had it all in my head,” he explained. “I wrote them down in just one morning. It was a very quick process.”

The difficult job of editing was left to the capable Gómez, who is currently studying for a Master’s degree in movie editing.

“The editing part was harder. It took us two weeks. And we changed the music that we were going to use a couple of times.

“Since I was quite young I knew I wanted to edit videos. I just love spending time in front of my computer creating new things,” she said.

And her favourite movie reference in The Simpsons?

“I love the ones in which they make a reference to the Hitchcock movie ‘The Birds’,” she said. “I find it funny how they use those babies in a way that they are as frightening as some diabolic birds.”

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