Migrants riot in Spanish beach town after African stabbed

"Garbage bins are being burned, cars have been burned, windows have been shattered," said city councillor Manolo Garcia.

Migrants riot in Spanish beach town after African stabbed
Fire rages on the streets of Roquetas del Mar on Friday. Photo: YouTube screen gran
Manolo Garcia, a city councillor in Roquetas del Mar in the province of Almeria, said the killing of the 41-year-old man in the city led to protests which descended into violence in the working class neighbourhood of Cortijos de Marin.
“Garbage bins are being burned, cars have been burned, windows have been shattered,” he told radio news station Cadena Ser.
Local online newspaper Ideal published a photo of a garbage container engulfed in flames in the middle of a street near a pharmacy as well as a video of man pushing a garbage container onto a burning car.
Police found the body of the man from Guinea-Bissau on a street in Roquetas del Mar in the early hours of Friday. Police suspect the man was stabbed following a dispute over a traffic accident, local media reported.
About 30-40 people had taken part in the unrest but police have since brought the situation under control, the assistant deputy of the national government in Almeria, Andres Garcia Lopez, told Cadena Ser.
“At this moment the situation is back to normal,” he said.
Police would remain at the scene throughout the night and for the next few days to prevent any renewal of unrest, he added. No one was injured in the riot and no arrests were made, Lopez said.
The province of Almeria is home to a sea of plastic greenhouses that employ many migrants as vegetable and fruit labourers. It also relies on tourism but the jobless rate in the province stand at 31 percent, much higher than the already high national rate of 21 percent.
However, the town had a stroke of good fortune recently with around 1,600 people in the town each taking home a €400,000 share in the town's winnings from Spains' Christmas lottery. 
One of the lucky winners was a Senegalese man who arrived in Spain after having been rescued from a sinking boat by the Spanish coastguard.
In 2008 African migrants in Roquetas del Mar set fire to cars and houses, and attacked police and firefighters with stones, after a 28-year-old Senegalese man was stabbed to death.


Rioting inmates fight prison conditions

A group of disgruntled prisoners rioted against conditions in a Spanish jail recently in an incident which saw prison guards punched, kicked and even bitten.

Rioting inmates fight prison conditions
Prisoners who rioted at the jail want to be transferred to other facilities, according to prison guard's union ACAIP. File photo: my_scarborough/Flickr

The chaos at Castellón II prison in Spain's Valencia province kicked off after one prisoner attacked his cell mate for not handing him tobacco.

When prison guards arrived on the scene to try and calm the irate man, he punched and kicked them, Spain's El Mundo newspaper reported on Thursday.

The inmate then "fled down the stairs into the dining area of the prison, took apart a rubbish container, and brandished the wheel axis as a weapon", according to a spokesperson for the prison guards union  ACAIP.

The prisoner then tried to entice his breakfasting fellow prisoners to join him in his protest.

When guards attempted to remove the man, several inmates attacked them.

Meanwhile, a separate group of prisoners cornered another member of staff and demanded the release of the prisoner who had started the trouble.

ACAIP said these inmates had nothing to do with the first prisoner but that "all of them had the clear aim of being moved to another prison".

They said this was probably why the men had defended the instigator of the trouble.

The scuffle continued when the inmates involved to the solitary confinement wing, with prisoners attacking the guards.

One guard was even bitten,  the spokesperson for the prison guards union said.

After the incident, ACAIP slammed conditions at the prison, saying prisoners "got away with" such behaviour and attacks on prison guards were more and more frequent.

The union said many of the prisoners at the Castellón II prison were difficult cases, adding that the facility filled up in summer and this caused the number of incidents to skyrocket.