British expat granny takes Spain by storm with incredible dancing stunt

A hidden camera feature in a popular Spanish prime time show has catapulted the 81-year-old Brit to fame on social media.

British expat granny takes Spain by storm with incredible dancing stunt
Screen Grab: Antena3/YouTube

The frail old lady makes her way through the centre of Madrid, leaning heavily on her walking stick. She pauses to watch a couple dancing, marveling at their talent, but little does the viewer know, she is hiding a considerable talent of her own.

A video of a little old lady who goes from doddering old dear to dance dynamo has gone viral in Spain for its message that age is really just a number.

Sarah “Paddy” Jones, 81, first shot to fame after a memorable performance on talent show Britain’s Got Talent, during which she wowed judges with her unexpected routine alongside Spanish dance partner Nicolás “Nico” Espinosa, who is forty years her junior.

Now the British pensioner, who lives in Gandía on Spain’s east coast, has become an internet sensation in Spain after her appearance in the video on El Hormiguero, one of Spain’s most popular prime time shows, in a video titled “Is age just a mental state?” 

The video has racked up nearly 1.7 million shares and nearly 60 million views since it was uploaded to Facebook on December 2nd.

The idea behind the video, according to Spanish daily El País was to “refute the idea that older people are always associated with frailty. Every older person has an enormous amount of potential and they should not be treated as if they were worth nothing.”

Commenters on YouTube were amazed by Jones’s talent.

“Everything is possible, even an old lady doing rhythmic gymnastics!” said Sandra Fernandez.

“Is she really a grandma?!” asked Ariadna Brunes, amazed that an 81-year-old could pull out such impressive moves. 

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‘Enviable dancer’ on sick leave caught out by Spanish court

A Spanish waitress suing her boss for sacking her while on leave with a back injury has been left red in the face after an incriminating video of her dancing emerged.

'Enviable dancer' on sick leave caught out by Spanish court
The woman decided to sue her boss for damages. Photo: Deposit Photos

In the latest case to prove how careful employees should be with preying eyes and social media, a woman in the southern region of Murcia has lost her plea to get her job back.

The waitress was on sick leave for allegedly suffering muscle spasms in her back as well as pelvic inflammation.

But while she was temporarily relieved of her duties, she was seen strutting her stuff with ease at a local nightclub in the town of Torre Pacheco, where the waitress was a regular, Spanish news agency EFE reported.

A witness who was a friend of the woman’s boss alerted him to her apparently miraculous physical recovery, which led to her sacking.

Not content with the news, the former waitress decided to present a claim at Murcia’s High Court asking for damages for what she claimed was wrongful dismissal.

What she hadn’t expected was that on one of the several occasions where the off-duty waitress had hit the dance floor, the witness pulled out his mobile phone and filmed her.

This evidence was presented to the judges who said it was clear that the woman “was dancing with enviable agility”, with fast hip movements similar to those performed by Colombia pop star Shakira, that suggested she had recovered or never had any injuries at all.

The man who filmed her was a witness in the court, telling judges that on earlier occasion he had seen her perform even more difficult hip movements.

“She’s broken the essential rules of her contract by not acting in good faith and mutual confidence with her employer,” the court heard.

“The plaintiff is seen moving in the video with complete normality, proving that she had recovered from her ailments.”