Moroccan man jailed in Spain for making video ‘glorifying terrorism’

A man has been sent to jail for making and posting online a video in which he praised Osama bin Laden and called on people to wage jihad.

Moroccan man jailed in Spain for making video 'glorifying terrorism'
Photo: AFP

Spain's National Court said Thursday it had sentenced a Moroccan man to more than a year in jail for posting a video online in which he “glorified Osama bin Laden” and praised “ideas of a
terrorist nature.”

In a statement, judges at the court said Imad el Mouahhid, a 30-year-old from Tangier, “publicised a video by downloading it to YouTube, made in whole or in part by himself and titled: 'This is what the Imam of all Imams Osama taught me, may Allah accept it'.”

The video, nearly 49 minutes long, shows speeches by Al-Qaeda mastermind Bin Laden calling on people to wage jihad and by other jihadist leaders, as well as images of training camps belonging to the extremist group, they added.

The court found El Mouahhid guilty of “glorifying terrorism”.