‘I’m alive’: Two Spaniards wrongly reported as dead in Paris attacks

The families of two Spaniards were rejoicing last night after being wrongly informed that their loved ones had been killed in the terror attacks on Friday.

'I'm alive': Two Spaniards wrongly reported as dead in Paris attacks
Photo: Alberto Pardo / Facebook

On Sunday Spanish authorities confirmed that three Spanish men and a woman with dual Spanish/Mexican nationality had been killed in the Paris terrorists attacks.

“I’m looking at myself right now and I’m alive,” wrote Alberto Pardo Touceda on his Facebook page on Sunday afternoon, just hours after his family were informed that he had been killed in the attack.

“But if you keep writing such nice things about me I may have to die so you never stop,” he joked.

The post on Alberto Pardo Facebook page informing his friends that he was alive.

The 34-year-old had logged onto his Facebook on Sunday afternoon only to discover a stream of tributes from his friends and family.

Somehow his family had been wrongly informed that he had been gunned down by one of the terrorists during the rock concert at the Bataclan on Friday.

In fact he was in Strasburg.

His mother Pilar Touceda had, on Sunday morning at her home in Pontevedra, Galicia, received a visit from plainclothes police officers to inform her of the terrible news that her son had been killed in the attacks.

But on Sunday afternoon she received a phone call from her son.

“I’m cancelling the funeral of my son,” she told local reporters, adding that it had been the saddest and then happiest day of her life.

Pardo explained that he believed the error may have occurred because his identity card was stolen some years ago.

Meanwhile the family of Jorge Alonso de Celada, 59, who was reported to have been killed while dining in a restaurant attacked by terrorists on Friday evening, said that he was in fact alive and well.

“My father went to Paris for a week’s holiday. We have corresponded via email and I don’t understand why he was given up for dead,” said his son, Guillermo Alonso, according to Europa Press.

“He sent an email saying 'don’t worry, I’m fine' on Saturday evening and said he hadn’t called because of problems with his mobile phone.”

But the family of another Spaniard were in mourning after the death of Juan Alberto González Garrido, was confirmed.

The 29-year-old Spanish engineer from Granada who had been living in Paris for two years was gunned down at the Bataclan concert hall, where he had been watching a concert with his wife Angela, who was unharmed.

Michelli Gil Jáimez, who had dual Mexican and Spanish nationality was killed in the attack on La Belle Equipe restaurant.

Not all the victims from the attacks have been identified but the death toll has reached at least 129 people.

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