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Could you pass the new Spanish citizenship test?

Could you pass the new Spanish citizenship test?
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A new cultural test will be released in October for foreigners attempting to gain Spanish nationality. But could you pass?

Around 100,000 foreigners apply for Spanish nationality every year. To be granted a Spanish passport, applicants have to prove their Spanish language skills and how well they have integrated into Spain – an issue that has caused its fair share of controversy. 

Until now, the integration question has been decided by individual judges, many of whom have taken it upon themselves to issue tests to applicants.

The tests are not standardized, so vary wildly in their levels of difficulty, prompting complaints that many questions are too difficult, even including trick questions. 

In a bid to combat these non-standardized tests, Spain's Cervantes Institute on Thursday unveiled a new exam, which aims to test just how well applicants for Spanish citizenship know Spain.

From politics to Penelope Cruz, take our test to see if you know enough to gain Spanish citizenship. 

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