At last! Netflix comes to television screens across Spain from October

The CEO of Netflix has spilled the beans on the details of what to expect for the long-awaited arrival of the streaming service in Spain this October.

At last! Netflix comes to television screens across Spain from October
Photo: Matthew Keys / Flickr Creative Commons.

The company announced in June that the video streaming service would at last be available in Spain, after the country was skipped over in Netflix's last European expansion last year.

CEO Neil Hunt explained in an interview with newspaper El Periodico on Sunday that Spanish residents will be charged similar rates as in other European countries.

It is likely that Spanish subscribers would pay €7.99 per month to watch standard-quality videos on one device at a time, Hunt said.

To watch HD-quality videos on a maximum of two devices simultaneously, Spaniards would pay €8.99 per month. And to watch movies and shows in 4K – or ultra high definition – on a maximum of four screens at once, Spaniards would pay €11.99.

However the company has not yet officially agreed prices so they may be subject to change.

Hunt said that most devices sold in Spain within the past 18 months will be Netflix-compatible when the service starts up as TV manufacturers have been prepping their devices in anticipation of Netflix's Spanish launch. 

Vodafone announced last week that it would be the first Spanish cable provider to sign an agreement with Netflix, allowing Vodafone TV households to use a Netflix app through their set-up boxes.

“Television on demand is the best model for the consumer because you can consume what you want, when you want to. You don't have to wait until 7pm to start your content,” Hunt told El Periodico. “Television as we know it is going to completely change in the future.”

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