Narco brothers ‘Benny’ and ‘Angel’ extradited from Spain to USA

Two Pakistani brothers have been extradited to New York to face charges that they conspired to smuggle heroin into America and sell missile launchers to Colombian rebels, prosecutors said.

Narco brothers 'Benny' and 'Angel' extradited from Spain to USA
The two men were extradited from Spain to face charges in the US

Hameed Chishti, 47, nicknamed Benny, and Wahab Chishti, 49, also known as Angel, were flown to the United States from Spain last Friday, more than a year after their arrest at American officials' request.

If convicted on all charges, they face between 25 years to life behind bars in an American prison.

They are charged with conspiring to commit narco-terrorism, to provide support to the leftist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), to import heroin into the United States and unlawfully sell missile launchers.

Prosecutors allege that the brothers agreed to sell heroin to people they believed were FARC, but who were actually undercover informants, thinking it would be smuggled into the United States.

In April 2014, the Chishtis allegedly arranged delivery of a one-kilo heroin sample to presumed FARC cronies in the Netherlands.

They then agreed to sell them weapons after the alleged FARC members claimed to want to buy Russian-made surface-to-air missiles to protect their drug-trafficking empire in Colombia.

After Hameed Chishti forwarded bank account details for payment for the missiles, the brothers were arrested in June 2014 in Spain, where they lived, prosecutors said.

They appeared before a US magistrate on Friday as prosecutors seek the extradition of two more defendants from Spain – delayed because they are seeking asylum.

The Chishtis “illustrate once again that drug trafficking and terror conspiracies often intersect, support, and facilitate each other's dangerous and potential deadly plots,” said Mark Hamlet, the Drug Enforcement Administration special agent in charge.

The United States declared FARC a terrorist organization in 1997.

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Seductress thief who targeted elderly men arrested in Spain

Catalan police have caught a woman accused of seducing and then drugging elderly men to steal their valuables.

Seductress thief who targeted elderly men arrested in Spain
Screenshot from video posted by Los Mossos - Catalan police.

Catalan police reported on Wednesday that they had arrested a woman in Barcelona for allegedly chatting up elderly men, going home with them and then slipping a drug into their drinks.

Police became aware of the 37-year-old femme fatale after two men reported similar stories of a inviting a woman over and taking a drink from her, only to wake up hours later with their houses ransacked.

The first man to go to police said that on January 28th, he started to talk to a woman in the street and she coaxed him into inviting her upstairs. The woman offered to make him a drink and the next thing he remembered was waking up in a hospital where he was admitted for drug poisoning. 

He later discovered that €2,000 in cash as well as various electronic devices and jewelry were missing from his home.

The second man reported that on February 7th, he also starting chatting with a woman in the street who he decided to invite home for a coffee. Once inside his house, the woman slipped a sedative into his coffee and he woke up to find money and jewelry missing.

Police said that based on the description given by the men of the woman and her modus operandi, they were able to locate the woman just as she appeared to be honing in on her next victim: they found her chatting up an elderly man as she handed out flyers for a restaurant.

But police intervened and stopped her before she could get to his doorstep. 

When they searched the woman, they found she has four pills and three wrappers containing a white substance. A further investigation of the woman's home found €2,200 in cash as well as a very large quantity of jewelry, including numerous watches and necklaces – leading the police to believe there may be more victims.

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Detinguda per drogar homes abans de robar-los

Detinguda per drogar homes abans de robar-los els diners i les joies. La dona es guanyava la seva confiança per acompanyar-los al seu domicili on els adormia amb una droga que els hi barrejava amb la beguda. La vam detenir a punt d’entrar en un altre domicili acompanyada d’un home gran, en l’escorcoll li vam trobar quatre pastilles i tres embolcalls amb una substància de color blanc

Posted by Mossos d'Esquadra. Generalitat de Catalunya on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Police said the woman had a criminal record of committing two similar acts outside of Catalonia.